How old do you have to be in order to volunteer?

Students must complete Grade 9 in order to apply to the volunteer program. 

I am still in school but am over 18. Should I apply as an adult or student volunteer?

Students who are adults may apply under either program. Your decision should be based on your length of commitment. If you can stay 6 months or longer, you can apply as an adult. If you would prefer to volunteer only for the school year or for the summer, then you should apply as a student volunteer. Student volunteers are brought on board in September/October and May/June. Adult volunteers are brought on board monthly between September and June.

I am a secondary school student and only want to do my 40 hours. May I do 40 hours and quit?

No, secondary school students must complete the entire school year or summer program to have their hours validated.

I am interested in an educational placement (co-op). How do I apply?

  • Secondary School Students apply through the co-op office at your school. Your school will forward us your application.
  • Clerical or Medical Office Administration students may apply as an adult volunteer.
  • Professional and Allied Health Placements  students or their placement coordinator should contact our Professional Practice Office at 905-883-1212 x7595.

How much time am I expected to commit?

We ask that you commit one shift per week for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours. We recognize that you have other commitments and occasionally have to take time off. We require that you let us know if you will be taking time off. Volunteers who do not log any hours in a month and have not contacted us is considered resigned and their position is offered to a new volunteer.

What jobs do you have available and may I choose where I want to volunteer?

Our vacancy list changes on a daily basis. When we invite you in for an interview, we will discuss our current vacancies and try to find something that matches your interest. If you have a very specific interest, you should indicate this on your application. Please understand that we are not always able to place fulfill your request for a placement.

What costs are involved in volunteering?

Once you have been offered a volunteer position, you are requested to provide us with a Vulnerable Sector Screening that costs $30 (subject to change at the discretion of the local police services). You are also required to purchase a $30 uniform. If you have concerns about the costs, please speak with us at your interview. . In some cases, you may choose to purchase your uniform outright, however the ID badge will still require a deposit. We are pleased to offer complimentary parking for our volunteers during their scheduled shifts.

I have received professional training. (e.g. nurse, physician, physical therapy, counselor) May I practice that as a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers with a background in healthcare but volunteer roles are specific and do not offer an opportunity for you to practice your professional skills. Your role will provide you with an opportunity to experience a Canadian health care environment but will not provide you with an opportunity to practice or develop clinical or technical skills.

May I receive a placement where I can practice my English?

We have placements where volunteers spend a great deal of time speaking with patients and families. For safety reasons, volunteers must be able to understand and speak English with a high level of competency. If you are just learning to speak English, we suggest that you take ESL classes before applying for a volunteer position. You will be required to demonstrate your understanding at the interview. Competency in additional languages is considered an asset.

May I apply for paid employment?

Yes, anyone can apply for paid employment by visiting the Careers section on our website, however volunteering at the hospital does not guarantee that you will receive a paid position.